Why I’m supporting Bill Hudak

The race for Congress in the 6th congressional district has seen side show discussions about

Barak Obama scarecrows on the front lawn and congressional sposes under money laundering

inditements. Yet I believe these distract from the real issues that confront our

country today.

Over the past two years, the current 111th congress has passed legislation that will

eventually take over the american health care industry.   This creation  of government

dictated health care will intrude in the doctor-patient relationship, and increases

government spending by some 2 trillion dollars.    It also will hike the over-all tax

burden by $500 billion over the next 10 years. This legislation will creating endless

reglations, enforced by added layers of federal buracracies with powers of enforcement

over your healthcare choices.This buracratics will not be in any way directly anserable to the sovereign

people of the Untied States.  

We have seen a 21+% increase in federal spending increase over the past two years.  

The 111th Congress, led by Speaker Nancy Pelosi, have used the current recession as an

excuse to dramatically increase federal spending, which increased the national debt

by $2.7 trillion!   This concept of “stimulating” the economy has managed to “stimulate”

the U.S. economy into flat economic growth and a 9.6% unemployment rate.   This level of

dramatically increased debt has had the effect of creating economic

uncertainty.  This economic policy has created a pitiful economic environment for creating

real economic growth, job creation, and reduction of the federal debt through increase

in economic activity, which thus in turn increases taxable revenue into the governments’


These irresponsible actions of our current congress have been fully supported by

our current 6th Massachusetts district congressman, John Tierney.  

Our country needs a dramatic shift in direction.   We need to send to congress someone

who will fight for much better health care legislation than that which Nancy Pelosi and

John Tierney have forced upon us, and someone who will fight against the nonsensible runaway

debt that does little more than empower politicians at the expense of American taxpayers

and their children’s future. We need to send someone to congress who understands the fundamental underpinings

of American Greatness – economic freedom and individual liberty.  

Fortunatly, we have an alternative voice running for congress in the 6th district this year

– Bill Hudak.  

Mr. Hudak is an accomplished attorney and businessman.  His

campaign for congress has focused on halting the recless actions of Nancy Pelosi’s

current congress, which have been fully supported by John Tierney.   Bill Hudak’s

campaign has focused on the core issues of bring back our guiding American principles

of a more responsible Congress that truly serves the best interests of American liberty

and democracy.  

I proudly support Mr. Hudak’s campaign for congress.   I urge all of you, the voters in the

Massachusetts 6th Congressional District, to vote for a better and more responsible elected

representative in Congress on November 2nd – Bill Hudak.


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