Which candidates are Bio-conservatives?

I’ve been following the campaign season pretty closely, and keeping an eye out for clues about what the candidates might believe, but it’s still a crap shoot up and down the ballot, here and in races across the country:

Which candidate is more likely to be Bio-Conservative, and which one is more likely to be a Techno-Progressive?

One might assume that the Republican is a Bio-Conservative and the Democrat a Techno-Progressive, but I think that assumption would be wrong at least as often as it is right.  Even if they take their party’s predictable positions on same-sex marriage, often the ‘traditional marriage’ Republican is so pro-business and Libertarian that they turn out to be techno-progressive.  And often the pro-SSM Democrat is very environmentally conscious and interested in protecting the unprotected and preserving equality, and they would turn out to be bio-conservative.

We will find out soon enough, but shouldn’t we know in advance, seeing as the decision to allow genetic engineering and same-sex or transgender procreation, or to stick with natural sexual reproduction, is a rather big decision as far as the future of human life goes.

Everyone is either a Bio-Conservative or a Techno-Progressive, because everyone either feels we should allow genetic engineering of humans or prohibit it.  Perhaps some people think the issue is far off in the future and everyone can make up their minds later, but it is not that far off, and we are electing the people that will be deciding the issue now.  So if they could tell us their views now about genetic engineering of children and same-sex procreation and transgender procreation rights, or if anyone could link to any clues about their positions, it’d sure be helpful.

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