Welcome to the party Marty.

Representative Marty Walz just can't seem to stop talking about jobs these days.

During the prior two years as unemployment soared by 170,000? Not so much.

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Welcome to the party, Marty.

State Representative Candidate Brad Marston questions incumbent's new found focus on jobs

 October 6, 2010 – Boston, MA – In the October 5, 2010 edition The Beacon Hill Times published Representative Martha 'Marty' Walz's monthly column "From our State Rep" titled Ideas for creating jobs. It was the fifth article regarding jobs and/or the economy in the last five months. This contrasts sharply with the prior four and a half years when she had written nothing about the issue according to columns posted on her campaign website.

Statement from Mr. Marston:

The incumbent has had six years to focus on job creation. This is an issue that goes beyond the latest recession. Private employers haven't been able to create a net new job in Massachusetts since 1998. I have been pointing this out since I got into this race nearly a year a go. Now it seems that jobs is all she wants to talk about.

Voters in the Eighth Suffolk District should wonder why from January 2008 to December 2009 as 170,000 citizens in Massachusetts lost their jobs, our Representative was silent on this vital issue. They should wonder why she didn't list jobs or the economy as issues on her campaign website until June of 2010.

Whenever the incumbent talks about what she and the Legislature have done on jobs and the economy it is always huge government programs or expensive tax credits. Coming from the private sector, I understand that this isn't what businesses need to create jobs. We don't need 30+ agencies, commissions and quasi-governmental organizations to create jobs.

Businesses need a regulatory environment that is clear, concise and cost effective. They need a tax structure that allows them to be competitive with other states but most of all one that is stable and predictable. They need a way to provide health care for their employees that is affordable.

When I announced my candidacy, my opponent indicated she would run on her record. According to the Legislative Report published by the Massachusetts chapter of the National Federation of Independent Businesses who advocate for the people responsible for creating the majority of jobs, since 2005 she was one of the worst voting records in supporting their positions. According to Citizens for Limited Taxation and Government who have endorsed me, she has a 7% rating according to their most recent legislative report.

I am glad she is finally talking about jobs but people are hurting now. As she says in her article she is often asked what we else we can do to spur job creation. I hope that instead of another 1,000 word article she will give them the short answer. "Vote for Brad Marston on November 2nd."



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