We bought the wrong candidate

This new Suffolk poll should not be a surprise and I am not going to wait until November 3 to say this:  The state GOP and all the delegates really screwed this race up, BIGTIME.

I firmly believe that Christy Mihos would be up by 15 points over Patrick right now.

Here’s why I say this…

Think back to this plan hatched up at the convention: keep Christy off the ballot.

The result was there would be no attention on the issues like taxes and corruption in government, no way to build the party statewide, no way to use free media, no way to kick the tires on Baker, etc.

Instead, the leadership prevents Mihos from the race and the takes aim on Cahill.  So they essentially elevate Cahill, when he should have been ignored.   Cahill was Patrick’s problem, not the state republicans’.

More importantly. as we have noticed, Charlie Baker is a severely flawed candidate that has never run statewide before.

The GOP delegates bought the myth of Baker, as this perfect candidate.   But look at this poll results that tell the harsh truth

1) Voters think Baker has problems telling the truth.

2) He is petulant, which is driving his unfavorables up

3) Loscocco-gate hurts him and reminds voters that he could be considered a Beacon Hill Insider.

4) He is more Wall Street, than Main Street because of his backgroud as a Health Care exec and stiff demeanour.

A proper primary would have given us time to realize all this.  

I believe that Baker worked to keep Mihos off the ballot so they could avoid the fight over Charlie’s role in the Big Dig.

Christy is a hero fighting the insiders that worked on the big dig and like it or not, Baker is a part of that group.   Yes, he is guilty by association, if not worse.

This should have been exposed in the primary where we could have all evaluated Baker vs. Mihos.

We should be supporting candidated that are more like Christy and Scott Brown:  optimistic, honest, and free from the Beacon Hill insiders deals and corruption.

So I just want to say a big thanks a lot to the MA GOP establishment and all the delegates that set this trainwreck in motion at the convention.

All that’s left to do is watch the upcoming crash.

I am sorry for not waiting until November 3 to bring this up, but it is true and we all know it.  

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