Volunteer this weekend for your favorite candidate

(Lets close the deal people. – promoted by Rob “EaBo Clipper” Eno)

The best thing we can do between now and the election is volunteer time for the Get Out The Vote efforts.  We have plenty of candidates to help at all levels.  Turning put the Republican vote for any candidate is going to help them all.  

Take time this weekend to knock on doors or make phone calls.  Many campaigns allow you to make phone calls from home.  

Let’s close the deal.

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  • karyn polito is close to winning this election.her opponent has big bucks but has very little support.all the “union” support are being paid 25$ for two hours sign holding,50$ for four hour sign holding,100$for eight hour sign holding.they will be voting for karyn in the voting booth were no one is looking.

  • We’re doing stuff all weekend in Douglas, come on down!

  • Come on, everybody, let’s get out there and do EVERYTHING we can for the BEST DAMN CANDIDATE we’ve got to DUMP DEVAL ONCE AND FOR ALL!!!! Here’s what YOU can do:


    If you haven’t signed up to make GOTV phone calls to our supporters and to hold signs at the polls on November 2nd, please go here now and sign up: http://www.charliebaker2010.com/gotv

    Locations in South Boston, Braintree, Wakefield, Worcester, Wrentham – give an hour of your time to making phone calls for Charlie! check it out at http://www.charliebaker2010.com/


    The final weekend push includes six rallies with our supporters.  We need you to come out and show your support with Senator Scott Brown on Saturday and Red Sox legend Curt Schilling on Sunday!

    Saturday, October 30th


    Rally in Foxboro

    Foxboro Town Common

    Rt. 140 & South Street

    Click here for details and to RSVP


    Rally in Worcester

    Institute Park

    154 Salisbury Street

    Click here for details and to RSVP


    Rally in Springfield

    Court Square

    Court Square Avenue

    Click here for details and to RSVP

    Sunday, October 31st


    Rally in Chelmsford

    Town Common

    19 North Street

    Click here for details and to RSVP


    Rally in Haverhill

    Washington Square

    25 Washington Street

    Click here for details and to RSVP


    Rally in Beverly

    Davis S. Lynch Memorial Park

    55 Ober Street

    Click here for details and to RSVP

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    CALL IN TO RADIO and talk about how much Deval SUCKS!!!  let’s DO this, let’s get rid of all tax and spend bleeding heart liberals who want to give our tax dollars away for free tuition for ILLEGAL immigrants – NO MORE NONSENSE!!!

  • I’ve never volunteered for a campaign before.  Can somebody give me — and other readers — and idea of what we’d be doing if we went down to Fargo St to help out?

  • Rob PERSNONLLY old me he would be PERSONALLY making phone calls this weekend!  Right Rob?

  • Don’t call during the football games.

    Don’t ring the doorbell during the football games.

    Don’t call when I’m eating dinner.

    The GOP needs a system that doesn’t annoy people by constantly contacting them.

  • I was surprised but I actually helped a couple of undecided on the phone make their minds up for baker.

  • MrThom

    I have not answered my phone or door for days and keep the TV remote handy to hit the mute button when the political ads come on.