VIDEO: Bill Hudak for Jobs

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RMG Friends,

While the media wants to talk about John Tierney’s wife’s involvement with the funneling of more than $7 million in illegal gambling revenues, I continue to talk about the issues that matter to regular people: jobs, jobs and jobs.

John Tierney has failed to support policies to encourage businesses to create jobs and stimulate the economy. In fact, he has actively supported legislation that has hurt the economy, hurt businesses and hurt our economy.

I pledge to support a repeal of the national healthcare mandate, extend the tax cuts set to expire, and oppose card-check legislation. These are only three of the items on my agenda to put people back to work and get the economy back on track.

We toured two local manufacturing companies that have seen their businesses hurt by the policies of our current government, and have found Congressman Tierney to be unresponsive. This is unacceptable.

Join our team by donating and volunteering today. We have offices in Danvers and Newburyport. Call 978.739.2300 to volunteer today.

To Victory,


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