Tierney’s Record is the Scandal

The last time the voters of the sixth district tossed an incumbent Democrat it was scandal-plagued “Nicky Pockets”. This week, our very own Johnny “Double-Down” Tierney has found himself engaged in damage control due to his wife’s guilty plea in federal court. Congressman Tierney owes the voters an honest answer of what he knew and when before the election. His lame, focus-grouped, answer of being in a “twenty first century marriage” simply doesn’t cut mustard. Look, the most likely explanation is that Tierney knew nothing about the eight million his wife was managing for her fugitive brother because he chose not to know. The you know what was destined to hit the fan and the congressman needed to maintain “plausible deniability”. The $9,600 his mother-in-law,(who received money from the accounts) donated to his campaign and his vote against an internet gambling bill in 2006 that led to his wife’s prosecution should be explained to the voters as well.

What I find far more troubling is the congressman’s dismal record on job creation.The government announced on Friday that the economy shed another 95,000 jobs in September, keeping the unemployment rate at 9.6%. Unemployment has now topped 9.5% for fourteen straight months, representing the worst jobs record since the Great Depression. Yet, when the American people were begging Washington to focus on fixing the economy, Democrats instead fixated on “moving progressive agendas forward”.

That agenda: The $862 billion stimulus, cap and trade, and nationalizing health care. The stimulus has proven to be nothing more than a bailout for government workers and wasted billions on Democrat special interests. Oh, they also gutted welfare reform, which they had been chomping at the bit to do since 1996. Cap and trade will increase the average family’s energy bills by $1,761 a year. Since India and China have both refused to strangle their economies with similar caps on CO2, it will only increase the outsourcing of American jobs to those countries. The federal takeover of health care has proven to be the most controversial. It was recently announced that 22,000 seniors in MA will lose their Medicare Advantage coverage due to Obamacare. This is just the tip of the iceberg.

Enacting this agenda hasn’t been cheap. Johnny stood shoulder to shoulder with Barry, Harry and Nancy as they have pushed spending to record levels. The current spending binge has resulted in trillion plus budget deficits that extend indefinately and will result in the doubling of the national debt by 2020. The Congressional Budget Office(CBO) has found that if spending continues at this pace that taxes for everyone, not just the rich, will need to increase drastically. Their findings: The 10% bracket will increase to 25%, 25% to 63% and the 35% bracket to 88%.

Voters need to ask themselves if they can afford to keep a roof over their heads and food on the table if we double the debt and more than double taxes. Johnny hasn’t asked that question, he’s too busy enacting his agenda. If elected, Bill Hudak’s only agenda will be getting our economy back on track and people back to work. He understands that Americans want to earn a paycheck, not scrape by on unemployment and foodstamps. I hope voters heed the Gambler’s advice as they cast their ballots on Nov.2 “Know when to fold ’em,know when to walk away and know when to run”.  

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