The SCAM that Governor Baker will STOP

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  This one goes out to the Millions of National Grid Rate Payers in 172 Cities and Towns in Massachusetts—hold onto your wallets because you have a $4.5 Billion Dollar hits coming.   That politically correct Cape Wind Project slated for Nantucket Sound won’t deliver any power to Cape Cod.  But it will cost the City of Quincy about $275 Million ABOVE what you’re already paying over the next 15 years.  Brockton about the same,  Weymouth $170 Million and Worcester–$500 Million.  This scam is a sole source, no-bid contract put upon you by the Democrats in control.  47% of those recently polled claim this issue will be a determining fact in their vote on November 2.  80% want this boondoggle re-bid.  70% don’t want to pay for this neo-Big Dig.  Massachusetts can get all the alternative “green” energy from existing source at less than half the cost of National Grid’s 19.4 cents per kilowatt hour.  The average user pays about 8.1 cents per kilowatt hour.  

  So please look at your electric bill and if you’re a National Grid rate payer—Vote Charlie Baker.   So many business associations, hospital associations, independent colleges, WalMart, Mass Retailers Association, Associated Industries of Massachusetts just can’t pay any more—how about your household.  I have always maintained—If you liked the Big Dig,

you’ll love Cape Wind.    

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  • christy,i think your wrong on this issue.this little-dig is a job creator.yes rates will go up,taxes will go up,however there are people that need jobs now.this is a big government give away.sure.the jobs that get created by this enterprise will let hundreds keep their houses and feed their family’s.

  • Christy, People are focused on the “Green Jobs” that will be “created” by this project.  They skip right over the no bid contracts and increased fees, its only like a cup of coffee.

    I think its shortsighted.  

    1) How many jobs will be lost as a result of the higher energy costs?  Yes, jobs lost because of Cape Wind.  What manufacturing we have left that uses electricity in their processes will face higher, significantly higher costs.  They will look elsewhere to grow or relocate.  When this happens, and it will, the supporters of CW will decry the loss of jobs that they destroyed.

    2) How come we cannot acquire our renewable / green energy from land based sources that cost half as much as CW is projected?  We could, but it would be far less glamorous than being on the leading / bleeding edge.  

    3) What exactly is a green job anyway?  I spoke with someone the other day, they wash windows. Now they wash solar panels as part of their offerings.  They advertise the jobs as green jobs and laugh about it.

    We need green energy, but we need to be mindful of the other “green” in out pursuit of this goal.  Having wind power that no one can afford is not a “victory” to me and it is shameful how the State has handled this process.

  • Christy is totally correct about this, POWER is so important to manufacturers, this added ‘green tax’ (being forced to buy Cape Wind power), will cost MANY jobs in Massachusetts.

    Don’t comment often, but Worcester can’t afford any more National Grid rate increases!


  • Christy, you should know that Quincy is not part of Cape Cod.

    Politicians often analyze green project with the flawed assumption that the price of oil will not change.   Over 15 years, however, it is very reasonable to project significant oil price increases, which will make Cape Wind into a bargain.

    We need green energy in Massachusetts, and we need jobs.

  • If this is a completely private endeavor is the state under an obligation to:

    1) subsidize any portion of the construction or infrastructure to make it work?

    2) Buy any or all the electrical power produced from it.  If it a private entity and we’re required to purchase the power at whatever the rate specified does it really matter who owns it?

    3) Does the state have any financial exposure for delays in construction or cleanup of any environmental problems (transformer oil is really messy stuff).