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  • BrocktonDave

    …the democrats will have union workers of all kinds they can draw against.

    Because they aren’t in campaign headquarters doesn’t really mean anything, because Patrick and all the others can make calls to the hall to get thousands of workers to come hold signs.  Because if they don’t, the hall will perhaps forget them next time a job comes up.

    The Republicans don’t have this.  Private sector doesn’t let you leave work on a whim to make phone calls, or knock on doors, or hold signs.

    The unions thrive on it.

  • Charlie.  You’re in the Red Zone.  You have a good play called.  You can win this by getting your message out.  Not by resorting to juvenile cell phone camera vids.

    Pay Eno his royalties for the “Are you satisfied?” ad and run it non-stop.  People respond to being hit in the face with logic, not cockiness.

  • Other than giggling at Walsh don’t see much of a point.