The Cahill supporters are to blame……

Well the statistics are in and the latest poll shows that Deval Patrick holds a firm and unwavering 4% lead in the Governor’s race.  Deval Patrick will likely get 43% of the vote while Charlie Baker gets 39% of the vote.  Jill Stein, who has been a non issue since entering the race remains below the margin of error for the poll at 2%.  But the problem candidate all along has been Tim Cahill, and his current 8% rating in the polls is enough to keep Deval Patrick as the Governor of Massachusetts for another 4 years. (I can’t help but think that down deep Tim Cahill is okay with that)

I would love to hate Tim Cahill for this as the commonwealth simply can not afford another 4 years of massive government intrusion, taxation, hypocrisy and corruption, which is what we will have with Deval Patrick.  The irony is that by running for Governor, to unseat Deval Patrick and bring change to Massachusetts, Cahill actually causes the change not to occur.  By being in the race he ensures that Deval Patrick will remain and the change Cahill so desperately wants will not occur.  Crazy ain’t it???

But I can’t fault Tim for trying.  He has the right to run for office.  This is America and we are better for having choice in who we elect to lead us.

So I guess the people we need to hold this anger against are the ones that actually will vote for Tim Cahill.  I assume, if what they say is true, that they too wanted change and that is why they support Tim.  But as stated before, by supporting Tim they prevent the change from happening.  And certainly they too have the right to support anyone they choose.

I will let the historians figure out why the Republican staff deserted the Cahill campaign.  I will let the historians figure out if Tim Cahill was a plant of the Deval Patrick campaign.  And certainly there will be plenty of good discussion on this blog about whether or not Tim Cahill caused Patrick to be Governor again, which appears likely at this point.

What I know is this, Deval Patrick will become Governor again with barely 43% of the vote.  Deval will claim his re election to be a mandate for his party, his socialist platform and the twisted form of executive privilege that he displays all the time.  The 8 tax increases he has allowed will become 16. The hundreds of thousands of jobs that have been lost in Massachusetts will remain lost. The illegal immigrants will continue to occupy our school seats, occupy our entry level jobs instead of our own kids, reap the benefits of state subsidized housing, food and healthcare programs and do so at our expense.  The far left voters that continuously elect people like Diane Wilkerson, Sen James Marzilli, Sen Anthony Galluccio and the endless stream of felon Speakers of the House  will be empowered by Deval Patrick’s re election.  A victory will give Deval Patrick the reassurance that all of this ‘big government stuff’ is okay with us.

All of this will happen because of the Cahill supporters.  I hope they think about that when they go into the poll to cast their vote.  They have the power to make the change, but simply because the change wasn’t exactly what they wanted they will cause the problem to persist.

If this race were a landslide in Deval Patrick’s favor I wouldn’t care who supported Cahill, but this race is close – very close.  The race is so close that the Cahill supporters can decide this thing on election day.  I wonder what is more important for them – demonstrating endless support for a man that will not win, or, getting some morsel of change on Beacon Hill?  All of that will be decided soon enough.

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