The Anti-Perry Propaganda Goes National

Congresswoman Debbie Wasserman-Schultz (D-FL) & other supporters of embattled Congressman Ron Klein (D-FL) took it upon themselves to picket in front of the campaign headquarters of Klein’s Republican challenger, Allen West. The public demonstration was initiated, in part, as a protest against West’s alleged insensitivity towards women & women’s issues. When questioned about the rationale behind her involvement in the demonstration, Wasserman-Schultz characterized West as a “self-described right-wing extremist” & went into full “Iago” mode against the charismatic black Republican:

Wasserman-Schultz then went on to describe West as one of a group of “Tea Party extremists” that includes Kentucky Senate candidate Rand Paul and Massachusetts congressional candidate Jeff Perry who “have some real issues when it comes to women.”

Paul has been accused of kidnapping a woman and making her worship an “Aqua Buddha.” The woman at the center of the claim said it was a college prank and she freely participated.

Perry was accused by a woman of standing nearby and ignoring her screams when at age 14 she was strip-searched by a police officer under Perry’s command. During an investigation of the event, Perry reportedly alternatively said that he was nearby during the 1991 episode and heard nothing, and later, that if something happened, he wasn’t around to witness it. The officer involved was later convicted of indecent assault

It remains to be seen whether or not Wasserman-Schultz is but a clueless cog in the national Democrat Party’s propaganda machine who will dutifully act as a hired echo chamber in order to advance her party’s meme. But the fact that Perry’s name is in certain national circles now synonymous with some vague form of misogyny is a clear indication that his reputation has suffered from the local media bombardment against his back story as a law enforcement professional. I agree with conservative columnist/radio personality Michael Graham that Perry should have confronted this issue earlier (especially through Joe Malone in the GOP primary) & more forcefully than he has thus far. Is it too late to do anything now? I guess we’ll all find out the day after next Tuesday’s election.

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