Suzanne Bump: Abuser of the taxpayer

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One of the most important races coming up this year is the one for state auditor — not because it’s a close race, not because it’s Republicans’ best shot at winning a statewide constitutional office in over a decade, but because of the power of the position. Even if Charlie Baker wins, we’ll likely have to suffer a Democratic state legislature — one likely to hold a veto-proof majority. We need someone in the auditor’s office that’s independent of the Democratic ruling party — heck, independent of all parties — and able to root out corruption wherever it may be.

It’s becoming more and more clear that the candidate best suited to rooting out waste and corruption is not Democrat and Patrick-loyalist Suzanne Bump, who is coming under heavy fire for improperly taking thousands of dollars’ worth of primary residence tax deductions on her multiple homes.

The Democrat-loving Boston Globe puts it best in a scathing editoral today, entitled “Two homes, too little sense”:

A CANDIDATE for state office should know not to claim two primary residences for tax purposes. Suzanne Bump, the Democratic nominee for state auditor, would have done well simply to acknowledge that fact.

It’s pretty common sense, isn’t it? You should only take a primary residence property tax break in one community on one house — the one you live in most of the time. Suzanne Bump has been bending over backwards, trying to explain that her Boston home is her primary residence, but … uh … so is her Great Barrington home. You know. Technically. Even the Globe says, “Bump plainly violated the spirit of the law.”

The problem is ugly enough for Bump that the Globe is devoting extra ink to her woes in the form of Scot Lehigh’s column, Taxing problem for would-be auditor”:

“A taxpayer can only have one principal or primary residence for property tax purposes,” said Department of Revenue spokesman Bob Bliss. “You cannot take a property tax break in two different communities.” Local tax assessors said the same. And honestly, shouldn’t that be obvious?

Nor did Bump take responsibility. She initially said she had no knowledge about the Boston tax break, before adding this qualifier: “It is reasonable to expect that at the time the decision was made, I was aware of it. But years later, I don’t recall the details.”

Bump is trying to explain away her actions and cover herself by paying the back taxes (while simultaneously insisting she did nothing wrong). Still, if she’s correct in that this is a “legal” loophole, shouldn’t we expect a state auditor to be actively working to protect us taxpayers from loopholes like this? After all, some other homeowner in Boston or Great Barrington has to make up for every single dollar that Bump weasels her way out of paying.

Republicans have an absolutely amazing candidate for this office — CPA and professional auditor Mary Z. Connaughton. Roll up your sleeves and get to work on this one: We can’t afford to have tax cheat Suzanne Bump running the State Auditor’s office.

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