Susan Fargo trips over dog, misses debate with Sandi Martinez

(A likely story – promoted by Rob “EaBo Clipper” Eno)

On Monday night, October 25, with a throng of supporters holding her signs and waving enthusiastically, Sandi Martinez pulled in to the Chelmsford Police station where the local LWV had a debate scheduled.

Unfortunately, the entrenched incumbent Susan Fargo was not able make it, having been hospitalized with a back injury after having tripped over her dog.  Due to LWV rules, the Senatorial debate had to be cancelled.  

Representatives from WCAP Radio were on hand and offered to host one more debate between Fargo and Martinez prior to the election.  Fargo had previously declined debate invitations by the Chelmsford Businessman’s Association, the LWV’s of Weston, Waltham, and Sudbury, WXKS, and even WCAP.

If Fargo agrees to this, I will post the details.

Sandi Martinez has expressed her well wishes to the incumbent Senator for a full recovery.

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