Steve Forbes endorses Bill Hudak for Congress

RMG Friends,

It is with great excitement that I announce our latest endorsement. Steve Forbes, the former presidential candidate and Publisher of the nation’s leading business magazine, threw his support behind our campaign to defeat John Tierney.

“Bill Hudak is an intelligent and thoughtful advocate for many of the same positions I hold on critical issues facing our country today,” said Steve Forbes. “The voters of the 6th District in Massachusetts need Bill Hudak because he will fight for more jobs, less spending and lower taxes. He will not support the growth- and job-killing agenda of Nancy Pelosi, which John Tierney has supported nearly 100 percent of the time. Bill Hudak will further the common sense interests of the 6th District and work to get America back on track.”

Mr. Forbes is often asked to endorse Republican candidates, and reports that he has received more requests to endorse Mr. Hudak than any other candidate during this election cycle. For this I want to thank all of you, my supporters, for contacting Mr. Forbes on behalf of our campaign for U.S. Congress.

“The American people need more than just another vote,” continued Forbes. “They need a man of committed principles who will stand up against the special interests. They need a citizen politician who will represent them, and Bill Hudak is that man,” concluded Mr. Forbes.

I am honored to accept the endorsement of Mr. Forbes. Recognition from such an icon of American business and leader of our party is a tremendous contribution to our campaign and sends a clear message about my pledge to help put America back on track. Now, with the aid of Steve Forbes, this will become a reality.

I encourage you to CLICK HERE to join Steve Forbes in endorsing our movement to restore the Sixth District to a government of, by and for the people. Together we can defeat John Tierney and elect a congressman who will truly represent the people that elected him to office.


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