September job loss largest since January of 1991

Today the Bureau of Labor Statistics reported that Massachusetts lost 20,900 jobs in the month of September. On queue the Division of Workforce and Labor attributes the losses to seasonal losses in travel and tourism.  The numbers paint a different story however.  

First the loss of 20,900 jobs is the largest job loss since Juanuary of 1991 when at the end of Mike Dukakis’ final term as governor the Commonwealth shed 42,900 jobs (source:  You can’t explain away a close to 21,000 job loss as “seasonal”.

Second if the losses are truly seasonal you would expect the number of employed to go down every September.  This is just not the case.  In the 21 Septembers from 1990 to today seasonally adjusted employment has gone up in 13 of the 21 Septembers.

The numbers just don’t match the rhetoric coming out of the Deval Patrick Administration. data after the jump.

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