Sean Bielat can definitely win on Tuesday

Exhibit A:

Just 2 weeks ago, Charlie Cook move MA4 from solid Dem to likely Dem.  Today it has moved to Leans Dem.  

Will we hit toss-up before Tuesday?  It doesn’t really matter because the real polls are much much closer than the Globe poll, and Sean has all the momentum, the passion and the ground game.

Note that all of this has happened without any truly great TV advertising.  This weekend I think you’ll see Sean at his best in 3 new ads that will be widely broadcast in the Boston and Providence TV markets.  Note from the toss-up leak above that Bielat leads strongly among voters who have seen his ads!

(ads to follow)

Exhibit B:

Exhibit C:

Exhibit D:

Watch those ads.  Read the links above.  Then read everything else that is being written right now.  Then watch the ads again.

Sean Bielat is absolutely capable of defeating Barney Frank in MA4 on Tuesday.  Now is the time to help make that happen.

Please help Sean pull off the most important victory of this election season by donating or volunteering at

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