Representative Marty Walz blocking debates

Like a lot of Republican challengers in Massachusetts I am feeling the frustration of an incumbent refusing to debate. Actually in the case of my race in the Eighth Suffolk District, it’s worse.

I received a letter from incumbent in July saying

“I anticipate that local organizations will organize debates this fall, and I look forward to participating in them with you.”

The mistake I made was in believing her.

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Over the last few days my campaign has spoken to three of those local organizations. The Back Bay Association was interested…until they found out my opponent was Marty Walz. The Beacon Hill Civic Association says she won’t return their calls. The West End Civic Association told us Walz said she wasn’t interested in debates.

Of course given her record of tax increases, anti-job voting history, her votes for unsustainable spending and her support for Sal DiMasi for House Speaker, I wouldn’t want to debate me either.

But at least be honest about it. Read the entire press release HERE.

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  • Brad..Unwillingness to debate is happening everywhere including my district. It is part of the gameplan.  

  • We have printed up 1000 fliers, “Why won’t Marty debate?” and will be lit dropping (We actually tape them to the doors) at apartment and condo buildings across the district so thousands more voters will see them.

    We point out she refused to debate her last General Election opponent as well. We are also using her own words against her.”Remaining accountable to local voters is my sole concern.” – Really? By NOT debating?

    We then include her e-mail and campaign phone number and ask concerned voters and ask “Why won’t Marty debate?”

  • Like Sal DiMasi before him, Representative Walz votes with Bob DeLeo 98%+ of the time. It actually makes it easier when looking up her roll call votes. The Speaker is always listed first so I don’t have to scroll all the way down to W.