Predictions Open Thread

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I’m off to meet the Baker Bus at Fargo Street for a day of campaigning.  Before I go I wanted to put up our 2010 general election prediction thread.  Here are mine what are yours.

Constitutional Offices:

Baker by less than a percentage point around 15,000 votes will separate him and Patrick.

Mary Connaughton over bump by 3 points

Polito over Grossman by 2 points

Based on polling, as much as I’d like to, I don’t see a path to victory for our other two candidates.


Golnik and Perry both win.  

One of the following four pulls off an upset and wins: Hudak, Bielat, Lamb or Wesley.  

We end the day with three congressional victories.

State House of Representatives:

Net gain of 12-18 seats for Republicans.  We will most probably double our numbers in the house.

State Senate:

We will hold five seats and possibly gain up to two more.  

County Offices/ Governors Council

Hodgson holds, Evangelidis Wins, Jenn Caissie pulls off an upset in Central Mass.

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