Polito Launches New Television Ad

State Treasurer candidate Karyn Polito takes on Beacon Hill corruption in her newest television ad as she makes the case for “a whole new approach” in Massachusetts state government.

The ad makes use of the notorious FBI surveillance photos of former state Sen. Dianne Wilkerson accepting a cash bribe as Polito asks, “Have you noticed how greed and self-interest come ahead of doing what’s right for the people?”

“We need a whole new approach,” says Polito. “Like everyone else, I’m tired of wasteful spending, high taxes and corruption.”

Polito repeats her “No Pensions for Politicians” proposal, which calls for taking future elected officials out of the public pension system. “We need to return to a citizen government,” she says, “where elected office is a privilege and not a ticket to retirement riches.” Polito also reiterates her personal pledge not to take a public pension.

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