Please give to the Martha Coakley Retirement Fund

With just over a week left in this election, I need you to make a financial investment in our campaign. If you have already donated, thank you. Please consider an additional donation this week.

With the donation limit set at only $500 per person, raising the necessary funds to compete with Martha Coakley and the liberal machine backing her is even more difficult.

There is a lack of leadership in the current Attorney General's office on a myriad of issues, and I have a plan to change that. From illegal immigration to political corruption and cyber crimes, the safety and security of consumers and law-abiding citizens are threatened. I pledge to enforce the laws and be an advocate for consumers.

It is time for Martha Coakley to return to private practice. Help me do it by donating to our Martha Coakley Retirement Fund.


James McKenna
Candidate for Attorney General

P.S. We have only 9 days left to this campaign. Our Martha Coakley Retirement Fund is designed to give the us resources we need to win. But I need your donation of $100, $250 or $500, the maximum allowed, to make that possible. Thank you.




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