Perry Campaign Launches Web Video of Quincy Visit With U.S. Senator Brown

A new Web video from Jeff Perry’s campaign…

Perry Campaign Launches Web Video of Quincy Visit With U.S. Senator Brown
Senator Brown calls for greater fiscal responsibility and an end to ‘dirty politics’ by Democrats

SANDWICH – The Jeff Perry for Congress campaign launched a Web video today highlighting United States Senator Scott Brown’s visit to Quincy yesterday in support of Jeff Perry.

During his visit to Quincy, Senator Brown spoke highly of Jeff Perry and said he hopes Perry can join him in Washington to fight against higher taxes and spending.

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“I’ve known Jeff for awhile. We worked in the Legislature together,” said Senator Brown. “Being the new guy in Washington, I need other new people who are going to be fighting the raising of taxes and the spending that’s going on. Somebody who’s going to be a fiscal hawk, and concerned about our national security. And, it’s important to have someone who’s independent and who’s going to fight for the interests of the people of the 10th [Congressional District].”

Reducing the size of the $13 trillion national debt is a fiscal priority for Perry in his campaign. Last week, Perry pledged publicly not to request earmarks in the federal budget, earning him the endorsement of the nationwide Council for Citizens Against Government Waste Political Action Committee (CCAGW PAC) in the 10th Congressional district race. He has also voiced support for passage of constitutional amendments for a balanced budget and for presidential line item veto authority.

Senator Brown also addressed repeated campaign attacks against Perry by his Democratic opponent during the campaign.

“It’s important for Bill to start focusing on the issues and get the election out of the gutter,” Brown said. “When I was campaigning, my opponent tried that kind of ‘dirty politics’ playbook on me, and the voters rejected it.  A lot of the issues that he’s discussing have been aired, and the people down in the 10th [Congressional District] spoke. People are concerned about jobs, taxes, spending, debt, and how we protect ourselves from any terrorist activities. And I encourage him to start talking about the issues.”

Speaking about Brown’s visit in support of his campaign, Perry said, “I appreciate Senator Brown’s support. Like Senator Brown, I am concerned about the lightning pace at which our national debt is increasing. At more than $13 trillion, our national debt is quickly becoming a national security issue, in addition to threatening the quality of life for future generations. I am prepared to go to Washington to keep taxes low and cut out the wasteful spending so we can reduce our national debt and get our federal budget back on track. We cannot continue with business as usual in Washington.”

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