Perry blasts opponent for negative campaigning and flip-flops on issues

Jeff Perry: “The bottom line is that Bill Keating simply can’t be trusted to be our next Congressman….”

Jeff Perry, candidate for Congress in the 10th Congressional District, today blasted his Democratic opponent Bill Keating for Keating’s negative campaign attacks and for repeated flip-flops on the issues.

“The bottom line is that Bill Keating simply can’t be trusted to be our next Congressman,” Perry said. “He has run a nasty campaign focused almost entirely on negative attacks and character assassination, instead of telling people where he stands on important issues that will face our next Congress. And, in the few instances where he has actually articulated a position on the issues, he has flip-flopped. Voters have no idea who Bill Keating really is and what he stands for, and with the important issues facing our country, that’s scary.”

Perry pointed out that Bill Keating and groups working on his behalf have bombarded residents of the 10th Congressional district with negative attack ads and mailings over the past few weeks, amounting to a full-fledged assault on Perry’s character. “People deserve better than a smear campaign,” said Perry. “This vicious assault by the Democrats is desperate and it’s unfair to the people of the 10th Congressional District. Negative campaigning won’t put people back to work. Dirty politics won’t solve our budget deficit. Character attacks won’t solve problems such as health care or illegal immigration.”

Perry also pointed to several examples where Bill Keating has flip-flopped on the issues.

For example, as reported earlier today, Keating has flip-flopped on his support of the failed economic stimulus bill. Keating said during the primary that he supported the economic stimulus bill, however he announced publicly yesterday that he would have opposed it. “First Bill Keating was for it, now he’s against it,” said Perry. “About the only thing voters can know for sure is that the stimulus bill did not create any new jobs in our district and that it will increase our national debt by about $1 trillion. I’ve opposed the stimulus bill since it was first proposed.”

In addition, Keating announced during the campaign that he changed his position on the Cape Wind project. Originally, he opposed the project, but now he supports it. “I’ve been against Cape Wind all along, and I emphatically believe that it will result in higher electric rates and lost jobs for our district. Unfortunately, Bill Keating’s position seems to change as often as the tide in Nantucket Sound,” said Perry. “Bill Keating also refuses to make a commitment on whether he’d vote for Nancy Pelosi for speaker, despite the fact he took thousands of dollars from her in this campaign.”

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