Patriot Ledger publishes biased news article in favor of my opponent

The Patriot Ledger recently had a profile on the race between me and my opponent in the 3rd Norfolk district.  The author makes it a point to say that my challenge does not appear serious because I have not raised campaign funds.

Once one is on the ballot, one is officially a candidate, which would mean one is a serious candidate.  I am therefore a serious candidate and have even done more than is required to be a serious candidate.  The raising of campaign funds is not necessary.  

The author also mentions that “[the incumbent,]…one of the more powerful legislators on Beacon Hill, is not publicly addressing his opponent, instead steering the focus to his résumé and role in hashing out issues central to the state’s future.”

If my opponent is basing his campaign on running on his record, I welcome that.  Although he has worked hard for Quincy, he has woefully underrepresented Weymouth and Holbrook.  He is supporting the Air Base reconstruction now, but that has been closed since 1996, 14 years ago.  He has been in office that entire time and what has he done up until now?  What has he done for Holbrook?

Although I did say I would try to cut spending in my interview with the author, I by no means said the entire deficit should be covered by cuts.  I have no idea where the author got this from.  The Patriot Ledger is no longer acting as an unbiased newspaper, but as a campaign technique for my opponent.  It is acting to distort my statements and attribute false statements to me to make my opponent look better.  

This is by no means the actions of an unbiased newspaper, but the actions of a campaign newsletter in the pocket of my opponent.

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