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  • Helps with the image of the RGA too, which I’d pictured as Haley Barbour trying in vain to find Charlie Baker’s real opponent.  

  • Vincent Errichetti

    Great commercial for people who hate high taxes. (Which is pretty much everyone)


  • Tomorrow is the hearing on Cahill’s suit.    I suspect that there will not be a lot that is conclusive tomorrow.   In the long run, the litigation could be extremely interesting, however.    It might eventually reveal whether the RGA has been illegally coordinating with the Baker campaign.   After all, the RGA is mentioned in the emails from Baker’s team.

    Will Bakergate be another Watergate?   We probably won’t know until after the election, but it sure could be interesting.

    Incidentally, do you think the RGA ad was filmed in Massachusetts?   I don’t recognize anything that is local.

  • richardhwheeler

    Bluewatch, you are in serious denial. The likely reason Cahill is fighting to prevent anything from being released is because of coordination between his campaign and Governor Patrick’s, and/or between the campaign and the Treasurer’s office (do you really think all of these “positive” ads about the lottery are a coincidence?”

  • …this ad sucks.  I was too mesmerized by the Midwest images #1 and #3….to hear anything else.  Reminded me of the family farm in Iowa.