New Mass Lottery Ad

(This is ridiculous. It has a TV component as well.   – promoted by Rob “EaBo Clipper” Eno)

There is an ad that has been running on radio for the Massachusetts lottery.  The ad strikes me as strange.  

The ad is telling us about how well managed the lottery is.  It does not mention attributes of playing the lottery.

It has the feel to me that Cahill is using the lottery budget to bolster his campaign.  After all, as a consumer, why should I care how the organization that is selling the product is run.  Burger King runs ads concerning the taste and price of their menu items.  They don’t try to tell us that they are better managed than say, McDonald’s.  Why is the lottery any different.

It looks to me like Cahill is using the lottery budget to bolster his gubernatorial campaign.  As such, it is like using public property for private purposes.  

If anyone has a clip of this ad, please post.  The whole thing has an unseemly feel as far as I am concerned.  

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