Meet NY Governor Candidate Jimmy McMillan

He is appearing on the ballot as the candidate of the “Rent Is Too Damn High” party. Here he is at a recent debate.

Which brings about the question …

Why is rent so damn high, or housing costs in general? And why is it so important to our government to keep these costs so damn high that they will debase our currency endlessly in order to keep the market artificialy inflated? Anyone wonder, with Wall Street banks reporting another quarter of stellar earnings that are sending the stock market into a frenzy, why Bernanke and Company are preparing yet another bailout (called QE2) which is aimed to rescue them?

For those interested, QE2 is a plan where the federal reserve will buy up large amounts of government bonds (those used to fund the governments deficit spending) with money that it doesnt have until it prints it.

I have a few other thoughts. Does anyone else?

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