MCFL Reiterates Endorsement of Tim Cahill

Just got this in an email:

According to Madeline McComish, MCFL State PAC Chair:

“As you know, the MCFL State PAC endorsed Tim Cahill for Governor last spring.  Tim answered our questionnaire 100% pro-life.  He pledged to opt out of the abortion funding in Obamacare.  We were pleased for our people to have someone for whom to vote because the other candidates hold aggressively pro-abortion positions.

“Unfortunately, Charlie Baker is still (in his own words) ‘to the left of Barack Obama on social issues’ and Deval Patrick has never been for life.

Occasionally there is a race with candidates whose positions are so stridently pro-abortion that no one in conscience can vote for them.  That is the case with Baker and Patrick.

The MCFL State PAC is non-partisan.  We endorse Democrats, Republicans and Independents – all men and women whom we believe will best advance the cause of Life.  That’s what all of us should be considering when we vote for our next governor.”

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