MassGOP Media Alert: Rep. John Quinn At Center Of Mass Dems Illegal “Pay-To-Mail” Operation

This just in from the Mass GOP:

BOSTON – Today’s State House News Service reports that Sheriff Tom Hodgson’s opponent for Bristol County Sheriff, Rep. John Quinn, appears to have been illegally pumping money into the Massachusetts Democratic Party in order to get a discounted mail rate from the Party.

Rep. John Quinn contributed more than $50,000 to the Massachusetts Democratic Party in the form of two donations this month. As reported by the News Service, the Massachusetts Democratic Party then sent several direct mail pieces to Bristol County voters over the past few weeks on Quinn’s behalf, though his campaign was “given no assurances before it donated.”

This past Friday, October 22, 2010 the Massachusetts Republican Party filed a complaint with the United States Postal Service, requesting they investigate whether the Massachusetts Democratic Party illegitimately utilized its Nonprofit Standard Mail rate of postage in violation of federal regulations. In light of several recent large donations from individual Democrat candidates to the Massachusetts Democratic Party, the Party is running a potential “pay-to-mail” scenario, where individual Democratic candidates contribute to the Party specifically for the benefit of cooperative mailings at unauthorized, nonprofit rates.

In a statement today, Massachusetts Republican Party Chairman Jennifer Nassour said:

“We all know that the Democrat Party is a well-oiled machine in Bristol County, but this illegal practice is just egregious. There’s no way Rep. John Quinn donated $50,000 to the Massachusetts Democratic Party out of the goodness of his heart. Quinn has shown a consistent pattern of arrogance and he thinks he can play by a different set of rules than everyone else.”

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