Margery Eagan: Mary Connaughton for State Auditor…

Margery Eagan has somehow, someway, stumbled uncontrollably into the truth.  She is supporting Mary Z. Connaughton for State Auditor.  Among even the moon-battiest of liberals, she is not alone.  Unlike the legislature, the position of State Auditor is not a position of ideology.  Her views on a wide variety of legislative issues do not factor into her role as State Auditor.  The role of the auditor, is to audit.

Here in Massachusetts, many Republicans like to talk about “balance.”  While this has been a proven failure in electing State Representatives, for the position of Auditor it may prove different.  In our system of checks and balances, the Massachusetts Democratic party holds all the cards.  Even if Charlie Baker is elected Governor, he may remain a Republican hostage to veto proof majorities in the legislature.

The State Auditor is more than just a check of one branch of government on another.  It a a check the people have on government as a whole.  In a virtual one party Democratic state, the easiest way of giving us that check is with an Auditor who is not a Democrat.  The most effective way of using that check is with a professional Auditor like Mary Z. Connaughton.

Mary Z. Connaughton is the only CPA and experienced auditor in the race… if you haven’t heard.  She has also pledged to be in the field personally leading audits, and to audit Beacon Hill.  I can’t wait to watch the nicest woman in the world play the bad guy.  It’s going to be fun.

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