MA4 Bielat vs Frank Updates

So much happening every day that it is sometimes hard to keep on top of it all.  An earlier post addressed Barney’s boyfriend heckling Sean (with video), classic Barney Frank gaffe.  If Barney loses he is going to take the crown for worst campaign from Martha Coakley.  So what else is going on?  Lets see:

Barney Frank lends his own campaign $200k.  

Not great news for Barney, with one of his main assets previously being a giant war chest.  One wonders:  what the heck is he spending on?  We know its not other candidates, that is for sure.

Barney, of course, blamed shadowy right wing groups who are just about to launch lies at him, for the loan.  Personally I think the person he has taken the most damage from by far is Sean Bielat.

Watch Barney Frank and Sean Bielat debate live 4PM TODAY on  I’m guessing that this will be moderated by leftist Tony Schinella, it will be interesting to see if they can keep Barney in his place.  4 debates down and thus far, 2 moderators were able to do their job and 2 were not.

OK, think that was good?  Check this out:

WPRI will release the results of their independent poll at 6PM today, live.  Wow.  First independent poll of MA4!  Something tells me that Barney is not going to be leading by 19 points.


WPRI GM Jay Howell offered to air a Frank-Bielat debate – specifically for Bristol County voters – in prime time.

Originally, both campaigns agreed in principle to come for a debate – but then Frank’s campaign changed its mind, citing scheduling issues.

I don’t think Barney can take another beating from Sean.

Here’s a slightly different take

he questions asked of a random sample of voters in the Fourth Congressional District include:

If the election for Congress was held today, would you vote for the incumbent, Barney Frank, or challenger Sean Bielat?

Whom do you blame for the financial crisis: Congress or Wall Street?

How do you rate the performance of President Obama, Sen. Scott Brown, Sen. John Kerry and Rep. Barney Frank?

Meanwhile, Eyewitness News asked both candidates to participate in a televised debate on issues specific to the voters of Bristol County, Mass. Bielat accepted the invitation immediately. Frank had initially agreed in principle, but declined the station’s invitation despite being offered eight different dates.

For fun, a couple more headlines:

Bielat raises more money than Barney Frank in Barney’s home town of Newton.

Bielat calls on Frank to release ethics papers

U.S. Rep. Barney Frank’s GOP challenger is calling on the congressman to release an ethics opinion that Frank says cleared his trip to the Virgin Islands aboard a $25 million private jet owned by a billionaire hedge fund manager.

“Frank should release the opinion from the Ethics Committee so we know exactly what Frank was claiming,” said Sean Bielat, the Newton Democrat’s Republican opponent. “If he did not disclose all the gifts or undervalued them, he could be in violation of House ethics laws.”

The Herald reported this week that Frank and his partner, Jim Ready, made the tropical getaway just before Christmas 2009 on a jet owned by financier S. Donald Sussman, fiance of U.S. Rep. Chellie Pingree (D-Maine). In addition to flying from Maine to the Virgin Islands with Sussman and Pingree, Frank and Ready stayed in Sussman’s mansion on the island, an aide told the Herald.

Ladd Ehlinger making a Bielat campaign spot featuring Barney Frank dancing around issues – literally.

Phew.  The news just keeps on comin in this race.

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