Lowell Sun Rebukes Tsongas & Endorses Golnik

In a surprise move, the Lowell Sun newspaper’s editorial board today (10-28-10) endorsed Republican challenger Jon Golnik over Democrat incumbent Nicola “Niki” Tsongas to represent the Fifth Congressional District in Washington. Given the history between key people within the paper & the Tsongas family, the endorsement represents a dramatic boost for Golnik’s fortunes and a stunning rebuke of the Congresswoman. The Carlisle Republican should exploit this opening for all that it’s worth in order to ensure victory for himself and the voters come Election Day next Tuesday.

Nearly 11 months ago, Scott Brown‘s stunning U.S. Senate victory was testimony to what was changing around here. A Republican, Brown swept crucial Democratic strongholds in winning 20 of the district’s 29 communities. His message of independence and bipartisanship resonated with voters who were sick and tired of the arrogance coming from both sides of the political aisle.

So how did Tsongas interpret Brown’s cataclysmic win? She listened more closely to (US Speaker of the House Nancy)Pelosi than to her constituents.

She voted to pile up the national debt and put the financial futures of our children and our children’s children under China’s thumb.

The notion that we can spend our way to prosperity is ridiculous. Yet that has been the basis for every Democrat solution to date.

Massachusetts needs more Scott Browns in the Bay State’s congressional delegation, federal lawmakers who will read legislation, question what’s in it, and demand changes in the best interests of all Americans. The person who comes closest to being the next Scott Brown is not Niki Tsongas; it’s Jon Golnik.

Golnik’s got the fire in the belly to make change and be an independent Republican voice. He makes no qualms that if he doesn’t do the job in two years, the people of the Fifth District have every right to take the seat back and give it to someone else. Golnik says he’ll take his orders from the people, rather than wait for someone on high to tell him how to order the people around. We’re putting our trust in Golnik and so should you.

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