Karyn Polito television ad: the treasurer as a “watchdog”

In a new television ad being released today, state treasurer candidate Karyn Polito vows to be a fiscal watchdog on Beacon Hill and to look out for the interests of taxpayers.

To view the ad online, please click here.

“It’s not in the official job description, but one of the most important duties of the treasurer is to be a watchdog,” says Polito, who is seated next to a canine watchdog in the ad.

“We need someone at the State House willing to speak out against higher taxes, wasteful spending and corruption,” says Polito, as the dog barks in agreement.

“I’m not part of the political machine. That means I’m free to speak my mind and do what’s right. I’m running for treasurer because you deserve to have someone looking out for you.”

“The race for treasurer is about who will best represent the taxpayers on Beacon Hill,” said Polito. “People across Massachusetts are tired and frustrated by poor leadership in state government. Wasteful government spending is creating higher taxes, and corruption stands in the way of real reform. I’m running to bring a new culture to Beacon Hill, one where I can serve as a ‘fiscal watchdog’ as the ad suggests. We need someone in the treasurer’s office to speak out and stand up for taxpayers when necessary. I am the only candidate in the race who can be that independent voice and who can serve as that ‘watchdog.'”

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