Jeff Perry: Why he is under attack

The reason the left is coming so hard after Jeff Perry is because he is a threat.  He is not just a threat to win, but a threat to the entire liberal narrative of Massachusetts politics.  His election would be a game changer for conservatives in Massachusetts and they know it.  Let’s compare Jeff Perry to the other prominent Republicans this cycle.

Charlie Baker:  Charlie Baker is a liberal Republican who chose a more liberal running mate.  Having once described himself as “to the left of Obama” his message has been to keep doing the things Democrats want to do in a cheaper, more efficient, more effective manner.  As governor, he would reform the manner in which we do government and not be under the control of special interests, especially the government unions.  While they still want him to lose, his existence is tolerable to them.

Scott Brown:  Scott Brown is a “Scott Brown Republican” who promised to sometimes be the 41st vote and other times be the 60th vote.  The Democrats would have worked harder to destroy him, but they did not recognize him as a threat to win until it was too late.

Jeff Perry:  Jeff Perry is a conservative.  He self describes his beliefs as conservative.  His entire platform is conservative.  More importantly, this is a winning message!  On issue after issue the voters side with Jeff Perry.

The left wants him destroyed not only for what he believes, but what a Jeff Perry victory would mean.  Jeff Perry winning election to congress in Massachusetts on an entirely conservative and entirely positive message.  It conflicts with their entire world view of what is possible.

Not only is the Jeff Perry message a possible way to win, they can’t beat it in it’s own right.  They can’t ignore him, they can’t beat him on the issues, so they go to plan “C.”  Politics of personal destruction.  Their allies in the media are happy to lead the charge


The Boston Globe attacks Jeff Perry every day in several different ways.  They desperately try to hit him with a guilt by association charge from 2 decades ago.

Of course, “charge” is too strong of a work.  Perry was never charged with anything.  He was never disciplined.  He never even bothered to hire a lawyer.  That’s how small potatoes his involvement was at the time.

When actual scandals happen during the actual news cycle to liberal Democrats, the Boston Globe glosses over them and pays little attention.  John Tierney gets a fleeting mention and a proud endorsement from The Boston Globe.

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