Is Dem Ad Campaign Dishonest?

(Yes and has said so. – promoted by Rob “EaBo Clipper” Eno)

In 2004 I admit that I was impressed with certain aspects of the Kerry presidential campaign. In particular I can remember being interested by his claim that he would CLOSE THE TAX LOOPHOLE that gave breaks to corporations who shipped our jobs overseas.

That was pretty much the exact wording of his claim at the time …

So years have past and we all know the sequence of events that unfolded and these days we can turn on our TVs and see that evidently Charlie Baker has signed on to something to protect these very same tax breaks.

Goodbye jobs, so long, bon voyage … We all have seen the ads.

Concidently Paul Hodes is running with the exact same claim against Kelly Ayotte, his opponent for the senate in NH.

This same claim is being made nationwide against virtualy every GOP candidate … which makes me wonder.

Since the dems have been in charge of the show for years now, why havent they done anything about these supposed tax breaks besides trying to unilateraly use them now as a campaign theme? Do these breaks even exist?

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