Is a $200,000 personal investment the sign of someone 19 points up?

Yesterday Barney Frank touted his internal poll that reportedly shows him 19 points up.  Today we learn from Politico is reporting that he gave his campaign $200,000 today.

Longtime Massachusetts Rep. Barney Frank has given his re-election campaign $200,000 as he faces his toughest race in years.

A campaign finance report filed Tuesday showed that Frank, the chairman of the powerful House Financial Services committee, lent himself the money Tuesday.

The report can be viewed here.

Is that the action of someone who is comfortably 19 points up?

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  • MerrimackMan

    This isn’t even something you do when you are up 10, or 5 for that matter.

    Incumbents throwing money in is something they do when they are behind by a couple already.

  • Boyfriend heckling at the debate story has legs, and I think it’s making a difference.

  • It would NOT surprise me to learn that the DNC/DNCC had pulled funds alloted to his race for less ‘safe’ seats, more ‘viable’ races.  Frank is a victim of his own success as he’s been reelected handily over and over, and those alloting funds may think he doesn’t need it.  A hurry up and donate call to his usual peeps might not go over well, as Coakley, Grosman and LOTS of others suddenly need unexptected money as well.

    I HOPE it’s what you guys think, but just keep slugging, as if Barney’s 40 points up and sitting on a million.

  • I’m a MA-4 guy. Born in Fall River and raised on the New Bedford harbor. I’m in Wareham at the moment and I cant believe Sean has this much ad saturation. I think Sean has done great with outside donors. Barney is taking a beating. Sean has captured national attention because of Barney Frank and maybe Barney might just want to confront the ads being played.

    But I hate to say it. I’m less bullish then others. Sean has everything going for him except roots and the 4th is more liberal then 5,6, and 10.  Roots and personal connections matter down here and Brookline doesn’t count. I actually think this is the fourth, maybe the fifth most competitive race. Fall River, New Bedford and Taunton are tough nuts to crack, never mind Newton and Brookline.

  • …Sean Bielet has sucked $3,000,000 out of Democratic coffers that Barney has had to raise to defend a seat that no one thought he would need to.  Sean might raise $1,000,000.  A 3-1 spending advantage doesn’t hurt.  Barney has had a race, and thus couldn’t write a check from his campaign committee to the DCCC.

    Overall, the nine Massachusetts Democrats have spent almost $13,000,000.  They’re all spending down there cash-piles.  In 2006, my congressman Jim McGovern, wrote a $100,000 check to the DCCC almost immediately after the Primary, when he knew for sure there was no write-in candidate.  This year, he’s going to spend $1.5 Million to beat Marty Lamb (if he beats Marty Lamb!)

    This is all good.  In 2012, a lot of Democratic incumbents will have lost there seats, retire, or being in a whole new district, and simply not have the $1-3 Million dollar cash piles they had at the end of 2008.

    All with a whole new generation of trained GOP activists coming off an election cycle where they feel they can win if they try hard enough.

    This election is a nightmare scenario for Mass Dems.  They’ve had a decade of easy elections, and this, and probably the next 2-3 cycles are going to be hell.

  • Ken Pittman

    Didn’t Barney do the same things with Fannie and Freddie? He hid a more serious problem and fudged the numbers.

    The polling report he released on the 15th of October shows him up “19%”.

    In 2008, Treasury Secretary Paulson told him FM2 had $1 in capital for each $40 in debt and the taxpayers were going to have to bail out the GSEs with billions of dollars. Frank went on nat’l TV two days later and said the companies were doing great, not in danger of going under.

    His campaign warchest reports $1M with no debt, yet he takes 10 – 20% of his own net worth and puts it into his campaign? Up 19 with 2 weeks to go?

    What would Barney say if you could get him to talk about this? (So far they are in the bunker and will explain this later today thru a press release)

    I can almost hear Frank now;

    “I see nothing wrong with the safety and soundness of this campaign”  

  • Vote3rdpartynow

    Frank sent his campaign the cash Tuesday, Federal Election Commission records show. The congressman said he took the funds out of his personal retirement plan.

    Barney borrowed the money from his personal retirement fund, which no doubt, will be paid back at an extremely high interest rate. Its another Barney Frank finance scam!

    Borrow money from yourself, and then pay yourself back with interest from a campaign funded account.  I don’t think it has anything to do with the campaign.  I think it has to do with Barney f*cking over the tax system, which he runs as part of his job……

  • Republican Ram Rod Radio

    It’s for his Victory Party!  BOOM  

    No doubt, beating Sean Bielat will be easy.  Throwing a party for 1,000+ guests …. Not so easy, you need cash.

    You need to book a banquet hall in town which can get pricey.  You need catering, open bar of course, and plenty of swag bags stuffed with all kinds of goodies like “We crushed that kid from NY” T-Shirts, Barney Frank bobble head dolls, and the official “I love Barney Frank” coffee mug.

  • …this may have been the stupidest thing Barney could have done.

    He essentially took 1/3rd of his net worth, and said “I have to spend this to win.”

    Looking around the right-wing blogosphere, this has put a giant spotlight on this race, and has told thousands of conservative donors “Barney thinks he may lose this race.”  People who where doubters (like on Red State) are now saying “wait, I may be wrong here, we should help Bielet”

    I thought Sean may raise $400,000 in October. A great, amazing, optimistic amount.  Now?  I think Barney’s $200,000 may equal a cool Million for Sean.

    People up 19% don’t panic like this.

  • Ouch…