In new television ad, Perry promises to bring new values to Washington

Jeff Perry releases another positive television ad today:

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE – October 18, 2010

In new television ad, Perry promises to bring new values to Washington

SANDWICH – In a new television ad being released today, 10th Congressional District candidate Jeff Perry turns to local fishermen as an example of people everywhere who work hard and want more responsible government.

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Pointing to local fishermen in the ad, Perry says, “These guys work hard for a living. They take care of their families, pay their taxes, save for their children’s college.”

Perry then notes that the fishermen earn their living by being self-sufficient and responsible. “Nobody gave them a bailout,” he says. “They live within their means, and don’t take on too much debt.”

Then, Perry adds, “What they want is a government that respects those values.” His assessment is confirmed by one of the fishermen, who says, “We don’t want a bailout. We just want to be able to work.”

Perry concludes the ad by saying, “Just think how much better off we would all be if Washington was more like them.”

Perry says the ad shows the type of values he would bring to Congress if elected this November.

“I’m running to bring fiscal responsibility and more responsible government to Washington,” said Perry. “Americans, including people across the 10th Congressional District, are fed up with a government that taxes too much, spends too much, and continues to add to our crushing $13 trillion national debt. We need a new way of doing business in Washington, one that’s more responsive to the people and their needs and one that’s more responsible with its decision-making. I plan to go to Washington to set a new course for America.”

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