I was For It before I was against it. Bill Keating Flip Flops

Bill Keating, who is the Democratic running for the 10th Congressional seat stated twice yesterday at a debate held in Randolph that he opposed the controversial federal economic stimulus bill signed by President Obama last year, despite saying earlier in the race that he supported it. You can read the article here at http://www.boston.com/news/pol…

It seems we have another John Kerry here; I was for it before I was against it. This is pure pandering to the voters.  Mr. Keating has said several times before that he supports the stimulus bill.

It also clearly shows that Bill Keating is in aliment with Obama and Pelosi.

Jeff Perry who was also debating picked up on this very fast stating “Bill Keating cannot simply wash away his previously stated support of a trillion-dollar stimulus package that failed to create jobs and helped drive our national debt to record levels.”

We do not need another Flip Flopper in Washington; one is enough in John Kerry, We need a man who will stand up for us. A Man who is now been endorsed by both Mass State Police Unions.

The Superior Officers and the Troopers Unions have now endorsed Jeff Perry, this was announced yesterday. The Superior Officers interviewed both candidates. Jeff Perry was question for a long time about the Wareham incident. The Superior Officers then voted to endorse Jeff Perry. This is sending a strong message to the voters in the 10th Congressional District and to Bill Keating.  

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