Hudak Money Bomb: $12,897.52 and counting

Our Money Bomb that kicked off this morning. Please head on over to to make your contribution, and then be sure to share the link with your friends and family.

Here are some other great ways to help spread the world about our Money  Bomb as we head down the final stretch of this campaign. And if you  don't know how to do all of these, that's ok!  Just do the ones you  know!

  1. Facebook – you may use one of our specially made graphics from the thank you page, in this letter, as your profile picture;
  2. Blog – If you have a site, or blog, you can put one  of our promotional graphics in a blog post, or the sidebar; or, comment  about it on your favorite blogs;
  3. Twitter – Tweet it out as much as you can each day,  asking your followers to RT (retweet, and include the hashtags #hudak  and #ma06);
  4. Social Bookmarking – StumbleUpon, Digg, Reddit, Delicious, etc.;
  5. Email – Simply email friends, or groups to which you  belong, to inform them of a money bomb in progress, you can even forward  this email;
  6. Signature file – In emails, and forums, you are  usually allowed a pre-written "signature file" to appear automatically  after your messages.  Set your signature file to point people to the  money bomb;
  7. Online News Articles – Comment on various online  newspapers, blogs, and articles related to the campaign and include a  link to the money bomb page;
  8. Radio Shows – Call in to your favorite political radio show and let the host know about (say the website address on the air, if possible);
  9. Ask a Blogger – If you read another blog regularly,  explain to the blog's owner that you're a regular reader and would  appreciate if they could help us get the word out for a couple of days  (give them one of our money bomb graphics to use);
  10. Misc. – Any other creative, legal, manner you can think of.  Use your best judgment, please

Just this weekend, Dan Rea of WBZ spoke  with Jon Keller and told him that we have the best chance of any  Republican challenger in Massachusetts against an incumbent Democratic  congressman. Check out the segment here:

Thank you for your support of our money bomb —

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