Governor’s wife has aide on taxpayer dime

From today’s Herald. Great way to close out the term Deval.

Governor’s wife has aide on taxpayer dime

In a stunning rerun of one of Gov. Deval Patrick’s early embarrassing Beacon Hill stumbles, first lady Diane Patrick once again has a taxpayer-funded aide to coordinate her official appearances, the Herald has learned.

Patrick communications director Kyle Sullivan confirmed that Rose Arruda, who makes $55,000 a year to run Patrick’s ribbon cuttings and speaking engagements across the state, also works on up to 52 events a year for the governor’s wife, who’s a lawyer at the prestigious Hub firm Ropes & Gray.…

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  • Or at a maximum it will end up on page Section B999 on Sunday. Just like John Kerry’s sales tax yacht issue.  


    It really is a war between bureaucracy and local aid, and we need to do everything we can to get that across to people in the next two weeks. I for one am sick and tired of watching my tax dollars line the deep pockets of “public affairs” staff who are in between political campaigns…

    Attorney General Martha Coakley’s office boasted five communications staffers earning nearly $300,000 before senior adviser Corey Welford left to work on Coakley’s re-election campaign. Welford was pulling down $89,000.

  • Discussion was had the first time this hackery was exposed.  Is not the first lady a private attorney at Ropes and Gray?  And why does she need a government employee to help her?  Is Ropes and Gray hard up for cash?

    And if she has someone to coordinate her official appearances they must be doing an extremely poor job because I have no idea what Mrs Patrick even looks like…yet I could spot most pols and many state officials from across the interstate.  Just what official duties does the MA first lady have?  

    I think we can make a better case for an appointment coordinator for the guy who rubs mud on the baseballs at Fenway before the game….he’s officially supposed to be somewhere on a regular basis.