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  • i could not go to the boston globe web sight.that would be like going to a library without a library card.

  • http://bostonherald.com/news/o

    Tuesday you vote. Wednesday is the postgame show. But Thursday will be the first day you fully comprehend the consequences. How are you going to feel if the Massachusetts you wake up to that morning is exactly like the one you’re living in today?

    How will you feel if, after four years of higher taxes and broken promises from Deval Patrick, he’s been re-elected and you’re looking at another four years of the same?

    How will it feel to see Barney Frank and John Tierney grinning into the cameras and gloating that the national wave that swept away their fellow incumbents couldn’t reach them here?

    Liberals want you to think this an election of choices, between entrenched Democrats and their untested challengers. It’s not. This is a binary election, and you can either vote “yes” or “no.”

    Incumbents – yes or no. More government – yes or no. More taxes – yes or no. Bending over and saying “Thank you, sir, may I have another” to the same insulting elitists who got us into this economic mess – yes or owwww!

    There are no other options.

    Either you seize this moment, make Massachusetts part of this national movement of reform, or you’ll wake up Thursday morning and realize you’ve missed an opportunity you’ll probably never see again.

  • nomad943

    Some may call it “vision”, but I  would call it a more of a hallucination ..

    When it comes to things like “leading the nation in job growth”, I would prefer a bit of substance over settling for someones visions.

    Deval and the Globe should lay off the mushrooms, they must be tainted.  

  • Pioneer’s Steve Poftak makes an interesting point about the Globe’s endorsement that I didn’t catch at first glance (bold mine):


    My quibble is with the Globe’s overemphasis on clean energy. (Obligatory Throatclearing: Clean energy is undoubtedly important, for many reasons.)

    Why is clean energy mentioned 8 times in a roughly 1100 word endorsement? The clean tech industry in Massachusetts is, at best, 10,000 to 15,000 jobs… with the prospect of adding 5,000 or so jobs in the next five years. And I suspect that those numbers include a lot of HVAC tech and energy/power automation companies that were around long before the ‘green energy’ wave became high profile. …[T]he persistent emphasis on this narrow sector reflects a puzzling lack of understanding about where people actually work.


  • Vote3rdpartynow

    He is perfect 20/20 in both eyes.  Both Charlie Baker and Tim Cahill wear reading glasses and have been known to squint when filling in the fine print on tax forms.  Jill Stein wears bifocals – LOL.  

    But the problem is that his hearing isn’t so good.