Devastating analysis by Todd Domke Republican Voice on WBUR

This devastating analysis by Todd Domke the Republican voice on WBUR speaks for itself. I know many here think Todd is not really a Republican, but there are many of us who appreciate his appearances on WBUR. (I know I know WBUR is NPR and you only watch Fox. And that's the reason I though I would share.)


His conclusion: (emphasis mine)

The Conscience Of A Conservative                      

Some Republican leaders responded like leaders. They acknowledged the reality. They didn’t lower their standards; they didn’t rationalize.

On FOX25-TV, state Sen. Bruce Tarr, R-Gloucester, said the victim’s statement can’t be brushed aside. “This is from a victim who is talking about a very serious incident that never should have occurred,” Tarr said. “I think Jeff Perry has got to answer for that. He’s got to be truthful. He’s got to be clear.”

State Sen. Robert Hedlund, R-Weymouth, who considered running for the 10th congressional seat, said on WGBH-FM that Allen’s statement gives him “pause” even though he likes the way Perry votes.

In his book, “My GOP,” Perry was clear about how people should view this situation: “I believe the voters correctly expect Republicans to be scandal free, both politically and in our personal lives.”

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