Deval’s Record


Lets review his record:

8 tax increases – including a 25% sales tax increase and he will not say that he will not raise taxes more if he is reelected (expect gas and candy taxes next)!

Bought a Cadillac on the state’s dime!

Tried to put a political supporter (Senator Walsh) in a $165,000 job that had been unfilled for a decade – said she was desperately needed!

Has had to withdraw/delay three of his judicial nominees – an unprecedented number!

Refuses to sign Secure Communities – an agreement with the US DHS that checks the immigration status of people who are arrested – Mayor Menino praised the program.

Supports instate tuition and licenses for illegal aliens!

Increased the number of state employees despite claiming to be cutting staff.

Lied repeatedly to the public – including about who was behind putting Senator Walsh in the $165,000 job – He said it was all the agency’s idea – then the Globe published emails that showed in fact it was being pushed by his closest aides.

DEVAL PATRICK NEEDS TO GO!!!!  Please don’t let Deval Patrick tell people his MINOR achievements have made any difference in the state’s economy!!!!!!


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