Dear Tim Cahill: Tomorrow is another Day!

Dear Tim Cahill,

At this point, I seriously feel bad for you.  You’ve been abandoned by advisers, staff, and your own running mate.  The way you have been treated by them is completely unfair.  If they were going to do this to you now, they never should have gotten on board with you from the beginning.  You got seriously “Loscocco’d.”

It sucks, but it is now time to drop out.  WAIT!  DON’T STOP READING YET!  I’m not telling you to do it to “stop Deval Patrick” like everyone else.  Forget Charlie Baker, forget Deval Patrick.  Do it for yourself.  Dropping out is in your own self interest.

Let’s look at the two possibilities.

Door #1:  Stay in.

If you stay in, you will lose.  This may not have sunk in yet, but it’s true.  When you lose, it will be bad.  Like most independent candidates, you will lose half of your existing support as they hold their noses to vote for “the lesser of two evils.”  You will be beaten, broke, and done.

Door #2:  Drop out.

If you drop out, you are not the single digit loser, but still the man who was elected statewide twice.  More importantly, you will still have 7 figures in the bank that does not get mistakenly wasted on a vanity campaign.  This is not a bad place to be.  This is a place where you can come back from.  You could run for another office in the future, or even turn your campaign account into a PAC.


If I were the biggest Tim Cahill supporter, I would want you to drop out at this point.  If I were your best friend I would advise you to drop out at this point.  Think about it.  Get good and sloshed, then think about it some more.  Pray about it.  Talk it over with your family.

Do what’s in your own self interest.  So what’s right for YOU!  At this point, your best option available is to pack it in.


Michael P. Rossettie.

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