David Bernstein’s Question About Jeff Perry’s Qualifications and Achievements

David Bernstein asks a very good and very obvious question regarding Jeff Perry’s experience and qualifications for Congress:

Here’s what’s always confused me about Perry: putting aside the whole strip-search thing, what has he ever done that makes him more qualified for office than any Joe Schmoe in the neighborhood with conservative opinions? As best as I can tell, he’s had a string of start-and-stop careers, of which I’ve never heard a single positive story, and then he’s been a do-nothing state representative. Am I missing something? Is there some achievement, success, or contribution I’m missing?

RMGers, how would you answer Mr. Bernstein’s query? What is he missing that makes Mr. Perry especially qualified to serve as a U.S. Congressman? Is your support based simply on the fact that Perry is the Republican in the race, or is there some high accomplishment/qualification that Mr. Bernstein is missing?

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