Conservatives: It’s Time To Save Charlie Baker

I think it’s time for Conservatives to circle the wagons and support Charlie Baker for Governor. Yes, I know, he’s liberal on social issues and his running mate Richard Tisei could be classified as a Progressive, but we are dealing with a Socialist in Deval Patrick that needs to be defeated. Here are the reasons why a Massachusetts Conservative should support Baker/Tisei:

1.Tim Cahill Can’t Win– Every poll has shown that Cahill will be battling with Jill Stein more than Baker and Patrick. Tim’s a nice guy and probably the most socially conservative candidate but he’s still a Democrat. If Mr. Cahill is such a conservative then why aren’t there any Tea Party members at his rallies, not one Republican on his staff (Since Loscocco left) and he surrounds himself with Liberals like Deval Patrick’s Campaign Manager Doug Ruben and Neil Morrison of Goldman Sachs; the former colleague of Obama’s Senior Advisor David Axelrod.  You judge a man’s character by the company he keeps and it would be devastating to see a conservative throw their vote away on Cahill

2.Defeat the Transgender Bill (Bathroom Bill)- If you decide to vote for Cahill and allow Deval Patrick back in office, you will see the continued deterioration of our state’s social policies. My sources on Beacon Hill tell me the House and Senate has the votes to pass this bill. Deval will sign this bill into law and Charlie has publicly said he will not. My sources also told me that the House most likely won’t have the 2/3rds to override a veto which means your vote for Charlie will mean the Bathroom Bill will not see the light of day. Thank God!

3. Believe in the Conservatives to lead the Party- Many of my conservative friends tell me that a Baker win will mean a wave of moderate to liberal Republican Candidates sweeping MA in 2012.  Yes, Baker will be the leader of the party but Charlie is a nuts and bolts kind of guy. He’s about policy making and running the day-to-day operations. He hasn’t shown an interest in cloning candidates like Weld and Romney. However there will be candidates who want to follow Charlie’s blueprint but that’s why we have primaries. As we have seen across the country and in MA with the Scott Brown victory, the conservatives have stepped up and controlled the direction of candidates in the Republican Party.

4.If Baker Loses, the Republican Ticket Will be Shutout- Let’s be real, the voters coming out on November 2nd will be at the polls for the Governor’s race. A Deval Patrick victory will lead to Progressives sweeping all the statewide positions. However, a Baker victory could lead to the Secretary of State, Treasurer, Auditor and possibly Massachusetts’s highest-ranking law enforcer, Attorney General, in Republican control. You talk about making waves and changing the landscape of our state from both a social, political and fiscal perspective, this scenario couldn’t get any better for conservatives.

5. Sorry, there’s No Democratic Politicians that Are Conservative- The rhetoric of some MA Democrats that they are more conservative than Republicans is a blatant lie. The Democrats have no choice but to support Big Labor, as that’s their donor base and campaign staff. Big Labor, whether the AFL-CIO’s of the World or the Teachers’ Unions are led by Socialist ideologues who want to not only grow the government but permanently change the social landscape of our country.  If you are beholden to these groups in order to win by taking their money and manpower, what do you promise in return? Even the quintessential poster child of a true MA Democratic conservative, Congressman Steven Lynch, stated he voted against the Senate Healthcare bill because it didn’t have a “single payer system”.  Conservative Democrats sell their soul to Special Interest and their voting records show it.

I have heard a lot of Conservatives unhappy with the Baker-Tisei ticket and they are justifiably so, but this is not the time nor place to send the MassGOP a message.  Please think about the bigger picture and trust that you are in control of what happens in 2012 with the Republican Party.  As the great conservative Ronald Reagan once said, “When the chips are down and the decisions are made as to who the candidates will be, then the 11th commandment prevails and everybody goes to work, and that is: Thou shalt not speak ill of another Republican.”

Jason Healey

South Boston Tea Party Co-Founder

South Boston Republican Party Chair

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