Coakley Allowed Illegal Immigrant Amnesty Groups to Dodge Financial Reporting Requirements

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SIM on State House steps

The Student Immigration Movement, a Boston based non-profit and advocacy group for the federal immigration DREAM Act and its parent organization, Neighbor to Neighbor, have failed to file the required financial disclosure forms with the office of State Attorney General Martha Coakley.

The Neighbor to Neighbor Action Fund has not filed at tax return or annual report, since 2006, the same year Coakley was elected Attorney General.  The N2N Education Fund has filed during Coakley's tenure as AG, but the N2N Action Fund, responsible for lobbying activities has not.

A spokesperson for Neighbor to Neighbor reached twice today declined comment.  Staff at Coakley's Charities Division stated that they were unaware of the missing documents.

The Student Immigration Movement (SIM) formed as an official non-profit with Coakley's office in January 2009 using a simple two page short form, however a full long form annual report along with a tax return, detailing funding sources and disbursements was due in May 2010 and has not been filed.

SIM is effectively, a well funded, fully owed subsidiary of N2N.

SIM is a “fiscally supported project” according to a 2009 Neighbor to Neighbor (N2N) joint audit.   N2N employees at least two SIM staffers.


SIM funnels donations through Neighbor to Neighbor (N2N) according to the website SIM launched in support of its 18 day around-the-clock State House vigil against the Jeff Perry Amendment this past spring

In 2006, the most recent year available, major contributors to the Neighbor to Neighbor Action Fund were big labor and far left progressive organizations: AFSCME, SEUI, the Boston Teachers Union/AFT, Mass  Equality, The Committee for Health Care for Mass and two New York City  foundations the New World Foundation and the Funding Exchange.  N2N is  also located in the AFSCME building at 8 Beacon Street, steps from the  State House.  SIM shares space with other far left organizations in the UNITE Joint Labor Board building on Harrison Avenue in Chinatown.

The only documentation Coakley has received from the N2N Action   Fund during her near four year tenure as AG has been the joint audit of   both N2N funds, conducted at the behest of N2N, but not the Action   Fund's or SIM's required tax returns or annual reports which detail funding sources   and expenditures.

501 (c) (3) non-profits are limited in the scope of legislative lobbying  allowed to maintain tax exempt status.  Non-profits wishing to conduct  legislative lobbying must organize as a 501 (c) (4) to which donations  are not tax deductible.

Coakley's office can bring enforcement procedures against non-compliant charities, but with over 20,000 charities in Massachusetts, typically the  AG's Charities Division issues a public non-compliant list, designed to  encourage voluntary compliance.  However, neither the Student  Immigration Movement nor the Neighbor to Neighbor Action Fund are even  listed on the Non-compliant or De-activated lists, essentially Coakley has let the non-profits skate the law.

As if any doubt existed that SIM and N2N are simply far left, big labor front groups in the campaign to grant amnesty to illegal immigrants, the N2N promotional information proclaims:

Public officials should be held accountable to the needs of their   constituencies.    Our vision of economic justice and grassroots   democracy is embedded in a larger vision of universal rights and   opportunities.  We believe that all people have equal right to all of   the social benefits and economic opportunities of our society

The New World Foundation's far left rhetoric:

rebuilding a movement for social justice that recaptures the momentum of  ordinary people, mobilized and organized on their own behalf, once again  tipping the balance of the electorate to progressive outcomes

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