Clarifying the political spectrum

Of the many topics discussed when it comes to vote the most powerful is where an individual stands on the political spectrum. There are too many myths and half-truths, then throw in the perversion of political correctness, the truth needs to be told. Trying to argue the popularity contest is mostly a lost cause, do not let the polls decide your vote as your vote is too important to be sold like that. When arguing the first question should be where you stand on the political spectrum and which candidate fits your beliefs is the one you need to vote for. However you do need to understand the political spectrum first.    

Clarifying the political spectrum and it is much more complicated then Democratic or Republican. Our Constitution clearly affirms we are not a democracy, we are a federation of states with what was a limited national government, limited by the enumerated powers written in our Constitution. There are some models of the political spectrum based on European politics but they are irrelevant because they do not account for our Constitutional Center, we are a far right nation by their standards and a different direction of less government. The European standard of left and right politics would place monarchists, nationalists and fascists on the right but we are not yet a socialist country. The left is not only progressives, socialist democrats, socialist liberals, and communists but also monarchists, nationalists and fascists because of the center of this nation. Anton Drexler in My Political Awakening wrote, “I am a socialist like yourselves, and want manual workers to gain equality…” In Mein Kampf, Hitler wholly agreed with the My Political Awakening given to him by Anton Drexler at their first meeting. Anton Drexler and Adolf Hitler wrote these 25 points the Program of the NSDAP – Workers’ Party. The political slogan Workers of the World, Unite, political slogan of Karl Marx, Friedrich Engels and Andy Stern found in the communist manifesto. More chilling is that Andy Stern seems to have denounced the communist version and inserted common interest before self interest, this is the Program of the NSDAP – Workers’ Party. The mobs on the left belong to structured groups with leaders like socialist George Soros, Hedge Fund Manager & Currency Trader, patron saint of Democrats everywhere, sugar daddy of their party. Why is the left lead by the banking industry? These are all left of an American Democrat, including some Republicans, the fringe, progressives, socialist democrats, socialist liberals, communists, monarchists, nationalists and fascists, with each comprising the left or right of the Socialist Party. This should be relatively simple despite the complexity of the political spectrum, less government is more freedom and more government is less freedom. Today’s socialist democrats are not the democrats of the past as they are the fringe. Socialist democrats want tax cuts for the middle class, tax the rich feed the poor so there are no rich any more. You know what this is called, it is class warfare and it has no place in the land of equal opportunity. This is class warfare as in a heavy progressive taxation, is this in the US Constitution, no it is not. Hold on, here it is, heavy progressive taxation found in the Communist Manifesto, is this the new America? Most Tea Party folk see tax cuts as a problem in what they are, class warfare, they also include an increase in capital gains taxes and more, and that equates to our jobs lost. The candy in the form of socialist allotments the government is throwing us is poison. Slightly to the right of this federation is a republic, a government in which all authority exists in the individual citizen, Republican.   Slightly to the left of this federation is a democracy, rule of the majority in which power is vested in the majority of the people in the course of representation, Democratic. However, not all Republicans and Democrats are true to their party, there are progressive Republicans and socialist Democrats and you need to judge carefully. There are many definitions of democracy and republic throughout the world that do not apply to our Constitution and should not be use, we are not them, they are not us and we are exceptional. Then there are the independents, true independents as the name suggests are independent individuals, independent of political party and independent of government and not dependent on the government for a socialist allotment. I do not think there are many true independents as many would take the candy not knowing the cost but this is changing as they become unemployed and see the government debt. Liberals are a broad spectrum with a left and right as well. Classic liberals in the United States actually believe in limited government, liberty over equality, natural law, individualism, free markets and constitutional constraint of government, the same as a conservative. Then along came a “New Deal”, FDR’s “New Deal” that further split liberals with classic liberals on the right and socialist liberals on the left. This rift between the two has grown so vast over the years that a classic liberal is the opposite of a socialist liberal. There is laissez-faire constitutionalism for the classic liberal and collectivist welfarism for the socialist liberal. In so far as compassion and such, a socialist liberal believes that compassion is derived from the government where as a conservative and a classic liberal believes it is from the people, by the people and for the people. The Tea Party as a whole is in fact Constitutional Center and we are restoring these original definitions. Going slightly right of Constitutional Center there is a broad group of Conservatives and Libertarians who want some government to much less government, but do agree there is a necessity for some amount of government. Libertarians are the right of this group that varies from war being a necessary evil to ending all war. Conservatives are the left of this group and are grounded to the founding values of this nation. Further to the right of Libertarians is the fringe, the Anarchists that want to abolish all government but as history has shown most all Anarchists are connected to socialism, the left. Anarchism in history is typically a brief transitional tool for socialists. That is all there is on the right of Constitutional Center, from a careful balance of government and freedom to no government at all. Of all the news stories demonizing the Tea Party there is no evidence of the Tea Party becoming a tool for socialism, the Tea Party is not the fringe. If this nation is to survive, we must vote for a Constitutional Center or become another socialist failure.  

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