Breaking Suffolk Univ – Channel 7 Poll Results

(I just got this email from Tim O’Brien.

We’ll be releasing an internal poll this morning showing Baker leading by 7 points.

Little history lesson on Suffolk:

Oct 26, 2009 NJ governor poll- despite other polls showing a dead heat, Suffolk polling showed Corzine at 42% leading comfortably over Christie at 33%, with independent Chris Daggett trailing with 7%.

The result of the race:

Christie: 49%,

Corzine: 45%

Dagget: 6%

So with less than a week out the ballot was 13% off.

– promoted by Rob “EaBo Clipper” Eno)

Poll Results are in:

Patrick – 46

Baker – 39

Cahill – 10

Stein – 1

Undecided – 4…

Appears that the focus of the last two weeks has hurt Baker and placed Patrick back into a strong leading position. Is this it for Baker or can he pull it off in the next 20 days?

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