Breaking Suffolk Univ – Channel 7 Poll Results

(I just got this email from Tim O’Brien.

We’ll be releasing an internal poll this morning showing Baker leading by 7 points.

Little history lesson on Suffolk:

Oct 26, 2009 NJ governor poll- despite other polls showing a dead heat, Suffolk polling showed Corzine at 42% leading comfortably over Christie at 33%, with independent Chris Daggett trailing with 7%.

The result of the race:

Christie: 49%,

Corzine: 45%

Dagget: 6%

So with less than a week out the ballot was 13% off.

– promoted by Rob “EaBo Clipper” Eno)

Poll Results are in:

Patrick – 46

Baker – 39

Cahill – 10

Stein – 1

Undecided – 4…

Appears that the focus of the last two weeks has hurt Baker and placed Patrick back into a strong leading position. Is this it for Baker or can he pull it off in the next 20 days?

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  • Karl Marx

    but voters will have their say on November 2.

  • Karl Marx


  • Registered voters aren’t Likely voters

  • MerrimackMan

    October 30, 1990 (Globe)

    Silber (D) 46%

    Weld (R) 37%

    October 7, 2002 (Suffolk)

    O’Brien + 12% over Romney

  • “Less Trustworthy”

    “Bad Temperament”

    According to the Suffolk University/Channel 7 Pol that what people in the pol think of Charlie Baker.

    Time to brush up your Resume Charlie. How ’bout going back to ripping off physicians…!

  • Poll the tresurer’s race?

    (runs and hides….)

  • The numbers in this race are starting to look very similar in each poll.  The longer we go without seeing a shift the worse it is.  We’re running out of time.

    You can certainly close 7% in 19 days.  The problem is that the numbers are not closing.  There is no momentum.  No positive vector quantity.  I expect the overall enthusiasm gap to close a few points for all Republicans.  However, that may not be enough.

    There needs to be a dynamic variable introduced into this race.  Perhaps the Baker campaign was hoping the Loscocco withdrawal would be that variable, but so far it has not been enough.

    Loscocco should not have dropped out on a Friday.  Were they trying to bury the story?  I don’t get it.

  • Vincent Errichetti

    FYI.  Suffolk poll is of LIKELY voters.  I just confirmed it with Paleologos. 

    I hope this post is sterile enought for Ferro. Lol.  

  • Charlie is about as inspiring as Mike Dukakis. He comes across as a smarmy dullard. If someone doesn’t give him a personality injection its 4 more years of Mini-me. Once again the country will change and this state will still be backing McGovern – George that is.

  • Shouldn’t he be spending everything he takes in right now?

  • I always thought Cahill’s strategy was to take enough votes away from Baker to get Patrick elected. I’m still not sure it’s worked, but if it does when will he get his ambassadorship from the Obama Administration. Will they wait a year or just do it on a Friday afternoon in the summer.

  • Vincent Errichetti

    “We’ve gone from 39 points down, to now (internal polls show) we’re under ten,” O’Brien said.

    Boston Herald, Friday, October 20th, 2006


    So with 17 days out, the only campaign O’Brien was focused on full time, their internal was off by at least 12%.

    Tim O’Brien had an unlimited budget for Kerry Healey and didn’t even break 35%. He is the LAST person to be criticizing anyone.


    Actual Results 2006

      Patrick     1,230,065   56%

      Healey        779,807   35%

      Mihos         154,012    7%

      Ross            43,032    2%

    October 12, 2006 Suffolk Poll

     Deval Patrick: 46 percent

     Kerry Healey: 33 percent

     Christy Mihos: 7 percent

     Grace Ross: 1 percent

     Undecided: 12 percent