Boston Herald endorses Question 3

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The Boston Herald has endorsed rolling back the sales tax to 3%. The endorsement is a victory for Carla Howell in her longstanding battle against the battalions of tax-hungry unions. The Herald is buying none of the tired scaremongering coming from the business-backed Massachusetts Taxpayers Foundation. And the Herald correctly identifies the Commonwealth’s major problem: spending.

Sometimes a proposition is known by the enemies it makes – and lining up against the tax rollback are all the usual suspects. Unions – mostly public employee unions – have thus far built a $1.3 million kitty to pay for the coming onslaught of radio and TV ads. The Massachusetts Teachers Association and the National Education Association alone have already kicked in over $1 million.

Others dependent on taxpayer largess – the Massachusetts Hospital Association, for example, is creating a campaign committee to oppose Question 3.

And the Massachusetts Taxpayers Foundation – which, let’s not forget, opposed Proposition 2 and has rarely met a tax hike it didn’t like, is, of course, predicting the end of civilization as we know it.

Thank goodness for a two-newspaper town. No doubt it will only be a few days before the Boring Broadsheet intones with Morrissey Boulevard condescension about the coming taxpayer temper tantrum. But it’s long overdue and time to send a strong message to the nihilists on Beacon Hill. They created this mess; let them figure out how to right the ship.  

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