Boston Herald Endorses Karyn Polito for Treasurer

This afternoon, the Boston Herald officially announced its endorsement of Karyn Polito for the office of State Treasurer.

..The edge goes to Polito, a hard-nosed fiscal conservative, who has pledged not to accept a state pension and will work to get all elected officials out of that system….

Reforming the way the current pension fund is managed – now with 130 outside active managers all collecting fees and 25 administrators on the state payroll, most of them collecting salaries of more than $100,000 plus bonuses – is also high on her to-do list.

Polito, who currently serves as a state rep from Shrewsbury, has earned a good deal of street cred for holding up a $400 million supplemental budget this month in the House – that is until a traffic jam proved her undoing.

It was a gutsy move – one that indicates she has what it takes to face down the spenders on Beacon Hill. And that alone deserves a vote.….

To read the full endorsement, please click here.

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